I had enough TV noise today

I topped Eiffel, I drew Paris in my head

but why there is vinegar?

I asked for of pizza, old cheese

then there is grilled grasshopper in a clay plate

my eyes fell on a board-walled house

only Dr Zhivago, and a thousand fireflies in Manhattan

I munched them every night

then I came to Liberty Statue

I met no one there

only a dead meteor

lifeless wind

O man, how low you are down there!

I saw a bottle of beer, and vodka and Cognag

fireplace for dolls who

move fast each morning

cramp the roads

expletive, spit on


before the afternoon calms them

return to party the night after

God! fly me to the Sahara or Gobi, or the Kalahari

I want to be sand in the wind rustling

I want to be tubers which grew by the rain

God! put me in the Himalayas

Its white is enough, chill me there

Don’t face me to the music which

swirl the city

stirred vinegar or lemon juice on my jazz

Lord, bury me under the debris of the Berlin Wall

Blind me of the iron curtain of the poems

at noon

I wanna have a meditation

I had enough TV noise today

Translated in Cikarang, 25112012 (12.55)

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