Inspirations On A Bright Sunny Sunday

It was a bright sunny Sunday. I called one of my friends to accompany me doing a bussiness near his area. He apologized for unable to accompany me. His schedule for that day already been booked to attend a personal development motivation training. The night before, he couldn’t join me for a treat dinner for my birthday since his schedule at that time was for teaching reading Al Qur’an. Great! I am happy for him.

Then, as usual, I and my bike touched the lane. Not many good places –well, let say ‘spots’– to be watched and enjoyed in the dusty- humid-crowded Cikarang. So, as even more usual, I went to a not-completed-yet residential area where another one of my friends live. I anticipated two benefits by choosing this place. First, I can identify the house-for-sale signs there and try to make my preferred list. Yes, you got it! I am a newbie in Cikarang, an industrializing city in Indonesia where hundreds of companies have their production plants. Hyundai, Epson, Toshiba, Unilever, Mattel –the Barbie toys producer—and many more. You name it. So, I need to find an affordable not-too-bad house for I and my family. They are in Surabaya right now, a 12-to-16-hours by bus city and will join me in Cikarang once I settled in.

Secondly, I can sit in any spot as long as it confront my all-time favorite landscape: green paddy field. I can read book, make some notes, or just grasp the breeze. And, If I am lucky enough, I will meet my friend and have a lovely conversation with him. Unfortunately, I am not that lucky. He was in Jakarta at that time. He joined a group who held a paralympic game for children. It stunned me for a while. Well, I am fully aware the meaning of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. I seldom do it, unless for the student magazine which I supervised. However, the reality that a labor, a group of people who many others would think as busy-to-accomplish-targets (or, in a Marxist term ‘busy-of-being-exploited) actually has spare time and do something noble for others really inspired me.

I used to be that kind of person. I need to be that kind of person once again. And, as writing is one of only a few skills I have, I start it by developing this blog. I know I am not an inspiring person. At least, I can share the inspirations from my friends and surroundings for you guys. Well, I hope. So, please keep visiting this blog and have a discussion. You will inspire me even more!


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