I long again when the first rain comes

the yard sends the news of the past

at the dew which sculpts the window, I found Chairil reported:

the age shaken suddenly!

I long again

At the dark clouds and line of trees on a flat land

at the wind, the rustling leaves which confronts  river

at th children who swim at streams

they laughed heartily and pointed their index:

to the future

to the time limit

to the horizon and hope

I long again

the cold wind proclaims

the globe spins

then at the leaves soaked by the rain

there is a map

without address

There is a name:


  1. bagley777 said:

    You’re a really, really good writer. 🙂 I just started a blog myself, so I can share some of my own poetry. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future!

    • Thank you Hailey! Yours are also great, especially given the fact that you are teenager. good work!

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