Pristine White Sandy Beach of Gili Island

Pristine White Sandy Beach of Gili Island

Do you find it awesome? It is!

This pristine white sandy beach is located on Gili Island. No, this one is not the Gili(s) in Lombok which are also beautiful. This Gili is a 2,017 ha island at the east of Bawean Island, Gresik Municipality, East Java Province, Indonesia.

Gili Island has only 1,280 inhabitants who live in 400 houses. Most of the local people are fishermen.

There are two tinier islands around Gili, which are Noko Timur and Manukan. There is a kind of pathway between Gili and Noko Timur –which also has white sandy beaches—when the tide is low. Noko Timur Island used to be the place for turtles to hatch their eggs. However, illegal sand mining reduces the size of the island and in turn drove the turtles away. However, both Gili and Noko Timur retain their pristine white sandy beaches!

For those who fancy to spend a few days there, you might consider to have a flight to Juanda Airport, Surabaya, then take a taxi to Gresik Port and take a jetfoil or regular ferry to reach Bawean Island. You can arrange your trip to Gili Island using fishermen’s boats from Bawean Island. It will cost you much less than the trip to Caribbean or Mediterranean.

Photo by Erri Kartika/Matanesia
Text by Erri Kartika, Achmad Supardi


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