Its so damn early morning

Last word of the dawn prayer had just fading up

Feet, millions of feet

Lined up at the wet misty asphalt


They lined up within the lead-laden smoke, Voldermort-like, but

their sweet children smile and ask: go

They lined up when the moon was still staring at the asphalt, but

all the book pages should be filled up

They lined up under the heavy rain, but

No one withstand unless Semeru and Merapi, others gone already

They want to spare themselves from all those things even for one day, but

Seconds never stop


He stared at the horizon

stabbing the hoe to the ground, he looked up:

O seasons, where is your statement?

He sat

knees bent, he caress the soil which

he flatter

this is just the beginning: we will keep going

He stared at the lush of foliage

brown, pooled on the parched plain

O wind, give me a promise!

He sat cross-legged, set his breathing

I am falling in love to this land

give me a baby

a handsome,

the huge one

then the wind sough

bring dry leaves, dust

to the holes of dry arid land

then the rain poured, heavy, floody

he still there, kneeling on the fog:

“I am longing for this for long long time!”

On the stone, I wrote the frozen poems

on the man who was crucified

droplets of blood lead to the frontier:

the curve of horizon

the space between the boat and the island it aims to

On the rocks, the furrow of my forehead

I want to know, I want to know

Is there a poem, or book of the old days?

On the rock, I wrote a message on it

with water from the lake of sweat

color, blood

smell, gun powder

horizon, dim twilight in a sudden

on the time, I’m feeling to crush the hour hand

I won’t close the book

when the rain is surely stimulating

I long again when the first rain comes

the yard sends the news of the past

at the dew which sculpts the window, I found Chairil reported:

the age shaken suddenly!

I long again

At the dark clouds and line of trees on a flat land

at the wind, the rustling leaves which confronts  river

at th children who swim at streams

they laughed heartily and pointed their index:

to the future

to the time limit

to the horizon and hope

I long again

the cold wind proclaims

the globe spins

then at the leaves soaked by the rain

there is a map

without address

There is a name:


Again he folds the day:

‘It’s done, tomorrow again’

Early, really early morning he opened the drawer

He pinched the sun, fanned it

“Its not hot at the roadside curb like this”

and his uniform – full of paint and rust –

to the clock he shares order: keep moving

Do not lie

Fire, just up the head

Whats more to be feared of?

The path is just still

but the wind never stops ripple

and dreams in the afternoon, on the roadside

healed all the wounds

freeze the blood the thorns invite since morning

Dusk, the king was about to resign:

you’re the winner, I’m waiting for you tomorrow

“Pick me up, I have never been tired!”

Pada batu, kutulis sajak-sajak beku

pada manusia yang disalibkan

tetesan darahnya menuju ke batas:

lengkung cakrawala

batas perahu dan pulau yang ditujunya

Pada batu, kukernyitkan dahi

ingin tahu, ingin tahu

adakah puisi, atau kitab masa dulu?

Pada batu, kutulis pesan di situ

dengan air dari danau keringatku

ada warna, ada darah

ada bau, ada mesiu

ada cakrawala, ada remang senja tiba-tiba

Pada waktu, ingin kupatahkan jarum jam itu

karena buku tak hendak kututupkan

saat rinai hujan begini menggairahkan

Surabaya, 13 Oktober 2000

Gemetar tangannya memilin bulir padi

“Kosong,” ia menggumam pada Tuhan

lalu ia goreskan korek api

“Musnahlah, jangan lagi iris hati kami”

Lunglai, lututnya ia tekuk ke arah masjid desa

lalu matanya menatap awan yang terus menggantung,

tak pernah mau menjenguk sawahnya

apa ia takut tetes-tetes air yang akan dialirkannya

akan merontokkan bangunan yang tak lagi ia sapu lantainya?

Laki-laki itu lalu berdiri.

Segaris senyum terpahat di mukanya yang hitam

“Baik, aku akan datang

sebelum masjid itu

roboh dihantam hujan”

Laki-laki itu lalu lari

hujan membuntuti

ia terus lari

hujan membuntuti

ia terus lari (010201)